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Year 1 Home Learning Ideas



There are some good quality phonics lessons that you may like to look at with your child. Each lesson will be uploaded every day at 10:30am.


The link is


Wk beg 30.3.20 - Miss Peckett and Miss Thompson hope you have had a successful first week of home learning.  On Monday 6th April we will be adding some Easter activities and home learning ideas for you to complete over the 2 week Easter holidays.  


15.4.20 - Hayden has asked for the song 'We're so proud of our school' and other songs we sing in school.  We hope you all enjoy singing it together. 


In order to support your child’s learning, we have created a list of activities below to be completed while you are at home.



'PE with Joe Wicks'  The body coach Joe Wicks will be available on YouTube everyday at 9.00a.m. for 30 minutes.  These exercise sessions will be fun and suitable for all ages and adults!


Why is there a yellow book in my child’s book bag?

The yellow book is for your child to use when they are completing any suggested activities or any extra work you would like to show us. 




In order to help your child’s reading progression, there are additional books in their book bag. Please read with them and record in Reading Record books. Please also record any books from home they have read – these can be story books, recipe books, comics, etc!


We would like you to read 5 times a week.


Spelling Frame

Play the games and activities on Spelling Frame. Please look at the new tests.  A new one will come out on a Wednesday and a Friday.  Username and password will be stuck in the first page of all reading record books.



Oxford Owl

Please login by clicking on  ‘My Class Login’ at the top right corner of the page and follow the link for parents. Select a book to read and answer the questions at the end by clicking on ‘Play Activity’ above the book.

Username: manorfieldcat

Password: cat123


Phonics Play

Phonics Play is free to use at home during this period. Please play the Phase 2 – Phase 5 games.


Username: march20

Password: home



Click on Click on ‘schools’, click on ‘pupils’.  Enter ‘Manor Field Infant School’. Type in your child’s username and password, this information is stuck in the first page of all reading record books.  Click on story and enjoy playing the activities.



BBC Bitesize – KS1

Click on this is a good website with a range of different games and activities to help your child’s learning across the curriculum.



Life Skills

Use this opportunity to teach your child how to dress themselves and zip up their own coat. Encourage your child to help you around the house:

Load and empty the dishwasher / Wash and dry the dishes (Be careful of sharp objects)

Make their own bed

Set the table with place mats and cutlery

Help with the cooking/baking

Tidy their own bedroom and toys in other rooms


Suggested Activities



Please watch the following Youtube clips to practice letter sounds. Click on the links below.

Phase 2 sounds           

Phase 3 sounds  

Phase 4 sounds           

Phase 5 sounds           


Please watch Miss Peckett reading our high frequency words, these are words we read out loud every morning in a phonics session.  There are 5 videos for you to watch below. 


Letter formation – Please help your child to write each letter correctly.  If they would like to they can begin to join up letters.  (There is a letter formation sheet for you to look at)


Number formation - Please help your child to write numbers 0 - 20 correctly.  (There is a number formation sheet for you to look at) 


Look for 2D and 3D shapes around the house, draw and label them in your yellow book. (There is a 2D and 3D word sheet for you to look at)


Addition and Subtraction number sentences – how many different ways can you write an addition number sentence e.g. 11 + 3 =14 and a subtraction number sentence e.g. 20 – 6 = 14 using numbers from 0 to 20.


In preparation for our next project  - Commotion in the Ocean


Please create a fact file of an aquatic animal, this could be about a whale, a shark or an octopus.  Try to write as many facts as you can and draw a picture.  Please write about more than one aquatic animal if you would like to. 


Watch ‘The Snail and the Whale’ on BBC iplayer




Songs to sing along to

Happy Sun High

Good to be me

High Frequency Words (1)

Still image for this video

High Frequency Words (2)

Still image for this video

High Frequency Words (3)

Still image for this video

High Frequency Words (4)

Still image for this video

High Frequency Words (5)

Still image for this video

2019 - 2020


The Year 1 team would like to welcome you to the new academic year. We hope you've all had a lovely break and your child is ready to learn new and exciting things we have in store for them.  We strive to make our learning environments interesting and exciting where we will develop a range of thinking skills through first hand experiences. We will provide a stimulating, challenging and friendly working environment where every child is valued.


The children will still experience play, as we feel it plays a crucial role in children’s learning in all areas especially helping get top grips with the National Curriculum. To enhance the children's learning we will be providing experiences which will include off-site trips.


If you have any questions about Year 1 please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Year 1 team.


Year 1 Team



Miss Peckett: Butterfly Class Teacher

Miss Thompson: Bumblebee Class Teacher

Mrs Siddals: Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hawkins: Lead Teaching Assistant

Mrs Trueman: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hoban: Special Needs Assistant

Miss Ford: Special Needs Assistant

                             Spring 2 Project
On Friday we found the rabbits and they were handed over to the right class.  There were lots of letters, posters and messages asking for the safe return of Stella and Rodney.

Rodney and Stella were found and handed over!

Still image for this video

                                                            Letter in the post


We hope you have received your letter in the post from Miss Peckett and Miss Thompson.  Please open it and follow the instructions inside.  We are looking forward to receiving your postcards in school. 

Please help! Stella and Rodney have been stolen from the classrooms in Year 1.  If you see them please speak to a member of Butterfly or Bumblebee class, this is a very serious matter.  We suspect that Stella is in Butterfly Class and Rodney is in Bumblebee Class.  Please keep looking for them!

Exploring toys

We explored ‘old’ and ‘new’ toys and looked at the similarities and differences.  We looked at puppets, teddy bear, mechanical toys and cars.  The children enjoyed playing an egg and spoon race with wooden eggs!

A Right Royal Occasion 
A Right Royal Occasion Hook

Stella and Rodney reading 'That Rabbit belongs to Emily Brown'

We found a missing poster in the classroom, it told us that there was a missing rabbit and it belonged to Queen Gloriana.  We looked everywhere for the rabbit and eventually we found two real rabbits in the library.  There was also two soft toy rabbits, they are called Stella and Rodney.  Stella lives in Bumblebee Class and Rodney lives in Butterfly Class, they were reading a story 'That Rabbit belongs to Emily Brown'.  

Finding rabbits

Holding a rabbit

Year 1 Challenge for Spring 2 Project
Do you have any books about a Prince, a Princess, a Queen or a King?  Have you read a book about a naughty Queen, a handsome Prince or a grumpy King?  We would really like to hear about them.  Try to read as many books as you can about Princes, Princesses, Kings and Queens and tell us about them.  You can visit the local library or have a good look on your book shelf at home.  Ask your special adult if you can bring your book into school to share with your class.  

Spring 1 Project

To Infinity and Beyond
Fact Files 
We shared our factfiles with Year 2, we were able to tell them about Tim Peake, Neil Armstrong and the planets.  They asked us some interesting questions and we were able to answer all of them, they also liked our writing and thought we had worked very hard.
We have been publishing our factfiles ready to share them with Year 2.
We have been writing facts about Tim Peake, Neil Armstrong and planets, this week we have been editing our fact files and checking capital letters, full stops, capital letters and spellings.  

Checking our work.

Space Dome 
We all enjoyed our time in the space dome.  We saw Neil Armstrong walking on the moon and a photograph of his footprint and the moon buggy.  We went on a roller coaster ride around Saturn's rings and heard the voices of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. 
Paper Mache Sculpture  - Solar System 

We are making the solar system using paper mache.

We have been looking at poetry and using adjectives and nouns we wrote our own poems about space.  On Monday 20th January we performed our poems to the school in assembly, Butterfly class performed 'Moon' and 'Spaceship', Bumblebee Class performed 'Sun' and 'Earth'. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
To Infinity and Beyond Hook
A spaceship had crash landed in the school hall and inside the spaceship we found a non fiction book about space and the solar system, a ‘Greeting Earthlings’ poetry book and a space mission.   We have been asked to write a space poem and perform the poem in an assembly.  

Autumn 2 Project

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup Outcome
We were so pleased to see so many families at our outcome where the children had the opportunity to share all there writing opportunities this half term.  Miss Peckett and Miss Thompson also shared a spelling workshop to show families how to support their child with spellings at home.  We all enjoyed the hot chocolate and biscuits!
In literacy we have been looking at Autumn poems.  We have been looking for adjectives, rhyming words and the structure of a poem.  Today we learnt the poem 'Leaves are Falling' we read it together with our learning partner and performed it as a class.

Patience and Olek reading 'Leaves are Falling'

Still image for this video

Alexia and Hayden reading 'Leaves are Falling'

Still image for this video

Macie and Jawad reading 'Leaves are Falling'

Still image for this video

Butterfly Class performing the poem 'Leaves are Falling'

Still image for this video
Pumpkin Soup Hook
A strange parcel was delivered to school and inside we found a pumpkin, the book Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper, Autumnal items, a duck and a cat and a large spoon.  We soon discovered that all the items were linked to the story and our new project 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper.

Autumn 1 Projects

All About Us     

We're going on a Bear Hunt  Image result for teddy



We're going on a Bear Hunt Outcome


Today we had our Teddy's Bear Picnic where we shared our own stories using our home learning back drop and a teddy.  We had a biscuit and a drink at the end. 


We're going on a Bear Hunt


Today we followed a map through the woodland walk and found books about bears, class bears and characters from the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'.



We followed the map and found characters from the story.

Big Write
Every week in Big Write we write using a skill that we have learnt throughout the week. This week we have been writing letters to the bear who is feeling lonely and would like some friends.  Once we have written our letter we read our writing back out loud using the special glasses.  These help us to spot any spelling mistakes, missing words and check our capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.
Home Learning Autumn 1  Image result for star

Please could we have 4 named photos of your child as a baby, toddler, pre - school age, school age by Wednesday 11th September.


Please create a back-drop for a scene from the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' to use as part of the teddy bear's picnic.  You can choose to make a snowstorm, a dark forest, long wavy grass or a deep dark cave.  Please can we have these in school by Monday 21st October. 

End of Autumn Expectations

These are the expectations for reading, writing and maths in Year 1 for the end of Autumn term (Christmas)

Please speak to Miss Thompson or Miss Peckett if you have any questions.  

Homework Image result for homework

We are introducing weekly homework which will be inside their new homework books. This was introduced to the Year 1 cohort last year and has been very successful in supporting learning in Maths and Literacy.


We will send home weekly homework in their homework book which will be sent out on Fridays.  This will be a written activity or a label asking you to complete an activity on Spelling Frame with your signature as proof of completion.  Your child’s Spelling Frame login details can be found at the front of this book and in the green reading record book.  Please make sure you continue to read with your child 5 times a week and write in the reading record book.  Please complete the homework and return by the following Friday.



Your child will receive a log in sticker inside their green reading record books. Each week your child's class teacher will assign spelling and words for your child to practise at home. 


The link to spelling frame is:



Information and reminders

Teddy Bears 

Please bring your teddy bear into school on Thursday 24th October. 


Meet the Year 1 Team

You are invited to come into school on Wednesday 2nd October at 2.45pm.  This is an opportunity for you to meet some of the team and ask us any questions.  We hope to see you there.