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Welcome to Foundation Stage 2019-2020 


Welcome to our Foundation Stage page dedicated to Caterpillar and Ladybird class. Throughout the year pictures and updates will be posted here as well as news and any useful links. If you have any suggestions for this page please leave any comments.



Miss Archer: Ladybird Class Teacher and Progress Leader

Mrs Holman: Ladybird Teaching Assistant




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Miss Bennett: Caterpillar Class Teacher

Mrs Sharp: Caterpillar Teaching Assistant




Mrs Paige: Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs Ingram: Speech and Language Specialist                                                                                                                                 

Miss Ford: Learning Support Assistant

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Pre- Learning for Spring 1 Project

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Dinosaur Dome
On Thursday 23rd January the Dinosaur dome visited. The children have to climb inside the Dome, where it is very dark.  The Dome took up nearly the whole hall. The children  learnt all about different dinosaurs, why dinosaurs are extinct and the food that the dinosaurs ate.

Project Hook


The children arrived at school to a parcel, the box said the contents were fragile and that it needed to be opened with care. We  unwrapped the box to find an egg with a set of instructions to follow. We added the egg to water and waited to find that a dinosaur had hatched over night. The children were very excited.

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Picture 1

Triceratops Facts

Tyrannosaurus Rex Facts

Stegosaurus Facts

The Jolly Postman- Autumn 2 Project 
Today the children were visited by The Jolly Postman, he read the final part of the story and introduced them to the Christmas Postman. He taught the children a song and answered some of their questions.
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The Jolly Postman- Project Hook

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Can you talk to your child about who delivers post? 



Can your child help write a letter or a birthday card and post it?

The Jolly Postman Book

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Caterpillar Login:                                                        Ladybird Login:


Username: cat123                                                      Username: lady123

Password: tentown                                                     Password: tentown                 



Autumn 1 Project

Our Autumn 1 project 'Twit Twoo, Who are you?' will begin on Monday 16th September.  Please see below the Parent sheet and any pre-learning tasks which will support your child with the project.

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In phonics the children will be learning these sounds:

s   a   t   p  d  g  o  c  k  ck   u  h f  ff l ll ss j v w x yzz qu ch sh th


We will also be learning these tricky words:


    the  to  go  no   I   into  he  she  me  we  be





Jolly Phonics Phase 2 Songs
How to pronounce phonic sounds



How does Tapestry work? 

Staff have iPads in the classroom with the Tapestry app on them. Each member of staff has a unique login to enable them to access the pupils. When an adult observes your child making a step in their learning they write an observation and a photo/ video maybe attached.

How can parents/carers use Tapestry? 

You can write a positive comment or give positive feedback about the learning taking place or add anything that you feel could add more insight into the observation. You can upload any photographs or short videos of a family day out, your child riding a bike, reading a book at home or a religious celebration. If you have any queries about logging in or your child's journal then you can book an appointment with Miss Archer or Miss Bennett.


How can I access Tapestry? 

You will have a unique username and password.

https://tapestryjournal.com or you can download the app on all smartphones.


The expectations in Foundation Stage


     Online Ebooks 


Visit www.oxfordowl.co.uk

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