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Autumn 1: Titanic


Today we were scientists and discovered which is the best material to make a lifeboat.  We had a range of materials and tested them to find out if they floated or sunk when they were put into water.  We made predictions and our investigation told us that a material needed to be waterproof and non absorbent to make a lifeboat. 

Welcome Aboard - Hook


The children were told they were going on a voyage to New York on a ship called the Titanic.  They were greeted onto the ship by Captain Smith and welcomed by the ships staff who took their 1st, 2nd or 3rd class tickets.  1st class passengers were able to sit on chairs and had a welcome drink of a glass of orange juice and a party ring.  2nd class passengers were able to sit on mats and had a drink of orange squash and a custard cream.  3rd class passengers had to sit on the floor, they had a glass of water and a rich tea biscuit.  We discussed our project and discussed the different experiences depending upon the class of ticket.