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'Every human is an artist'  Don Miguel Ruiz


Our art curriculum inspires, engages and challenges pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design.


It is built upon the following principles:


· Art is about creativity, imagination and exploration of personal expression.

· Development of technical art skills using a range of drawing, painting and sculpture materials.

· The use of work by famous artists to engage, inspire and celebrate the richness of the cultures and traditions of our global community.

· Children learn best when they are actively engaged in their learning and when they can experience and handle materials first hand.


At Manor Field Infant School, the art curriculum enables children to engage with drawing, painting, print and sculpture. Children are taught how to use a wide range of materials effectively and to talk about their art work and the work of others using appropriate vocabulary. They learn about a range of artists, craft makers and designers and use this as an inspiration to their own work. Children learn key skills within art that they can then apply and use creatively across the whole curriculum.

Welcome aboard- Year 2 Project

Welcome aboard- Year 2 Project  1
Welcome aboard- Year 2 Project  2
Welcome aboard- Year 2 Project  3
Welcome aboard- Year 2 Project  4
Welcome aboard- Year 2 Project  5
Welcome aboard- Year 2 Project  6
Welcome aboard- Year 2 Project  7
Welcome aboard- Year 2 Project  8
Welcome aboard- Year 2 Project  9

Art Day 9th July 2019


Across the whole school, the children took part in different art based activities to show the 'progression of skills' as they move from Foundation Stage, to Year One and finally Year 2.


The skills that we focussed on were:


- Drawing

- Painting

- Colour

- Sculpture

Please have a look at their amazing masterpieces, we have a school full of artists!




The recent topic in Foundation Stage has been 'Amazing Animals'. The children have been learning about lots of different species of animals in this topic. We have focussed on African animals, zoo animals, farm animals and pets.


Throughout this topic the children have created some beautiful pieces of art work using a variety of different media and have truly shown their artistic talents!


To link with the key text 'Handa's Surprise', the children have been using oil pastels to draw a still life picture of a basket of fruit; carefully looking at the colours and shapes. They have also painted their favourite African animals; carefully looking at the colours and patterns.  The children have used black oil pastel and a watercolour wash to create a sunset and silhouette picture of an African scene. 


As well as this, the children have been manipulating clay to create different animals and have been learning the drawing skill 'sketching' in their new sketch books.




Here are some photos of their lovely art work mentioned and some additional pieces they have created this term:

Gardener's World

In Year 1 the topic focus has been 'Gardener's World'. During this topic the children have been exploring the theme of plants and growing through poetry, planting seeds, and observing plants as they grow.


The children have been making observational drawings of plants, fruits and vegetables throughout this topic.





Have a look at what they have been busy doing:

Our Wonderful World!

In Year 2 the children have been focussing on 'Our Wonderful World'. They have been looking at the book '10 Things I can do to help my world' and have been discussing what they can do to conserve the planet.


The children have created sculptures using clay to represent nature and have also drawn beautiful detailed pictures of their take on a 'perfect' world.




Here are some photos of their lovely artwork: