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Religious Education



At Manor Field we follow the agreed syllabus Living Difference. The purpose of religious education is to support students in developing their own coherent patterns and values and principles, and to support their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


This entrails encouragement of each student to interpret and respond to a variety of concepts, beliefs and practices within religions and to their own and others’ cultural and life experiences.

We believe it is important that students progressively develop the capacities to interpret, evaluate and respond to differing values and beliefs. This can be achieved through extending their thinking and analytical skills and their creative, imaginative and emotional development.

Policy, Curriculum Provision and Skills Progression

Key Documents
2020 - 2021

Harvest Festival

Reverend Bennett visited us to day to talk about Harvest.  She read us a story about the miracle of the 5 loaves and 2 fish and how Jesus fed many people.  Thank you for all the donations of packets and tins which were donated to the Basingstoke food bank.

Reverend Bennett spoke about Harvest

2019 - 2020
Spring - Holi 

Holi - Remembering Vishnu

Bowe remembered all the times he had spent with his Grandad.

The children listened to a story about Vishnu, they were encouraged to imagine Vishnu.  Is he happy or sad?  Is he old or young? The children were then shown a picture of Vishnu, many Hindu's have a picture or small statue of Vishnu in their homes to help them remember.  The children then thought about a special person in their lives who has been good to them by being kind and helpful.  





Autumn - Light as a symbol

We looked at symbols around our local environment and those that we recognised.  We talked about the symbol on our school uniform and the symbols you see when you are walking around the local environment.  We then looked at candles and candlelight and how Christians believe that this represents Jesus as the light of the world.  We looked at an advent wreath and the candles that are used to represent each one of the four Sundays in Advent.  Finally we looked at Diwali and how Hindus celebrate the festival of light.  We explored the similarities and differences between Advent and Diwali.


Jawad wrote:

Candlelight is important to Christians because it represents light of Jesus.


Patience wrote:

The candlelight of the Advent Wreath help Christians think about Jesus at Christmas time.


Kaison wrote:

The candlelight of the Diva helps Hindus think about the light of God.  


Autumn - Thankfulness


Each Year group looked at being thankful and what harvest means. Every lunch time we have a grace which we always say together.


"Thank you for the food we eat,

Thank you for the friends we meet.

Thank you for our work and play,

Thank you for this happy day"


We visited Christ the King Church for a Harvest Festival service with Revd Alison Bennett.  The children took food produce for the local food bank.


Harvest Festival

In October we visited Christ the King church to celebrate Harvest Festival.  We all took food donations and Reverend Bennett said prayers and we talked about farmers growing fruits and vegetables for us to eat.  

Harvest Festival at Christ the King Church