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English at Manor Field Infant School      

At Manor Field Infant School the teaching of English is at the heart of all projects. It is centred around the use of quality literature and first-hand experience to bring learning to life. As a school we work hard to ensure that reading and writing is purposeful, with a range of audience for the children to share their outcomes.


The curriculum is now more challenging and it is expected that children have a good understanding of grammar and punctuation. With this in mind, we have provided a glossary of terms (Appendix 1) which will enable parents to have a greater awareness of what is being taught in school.


English or literacy is a term used to cover a number of areas, all of which are equally important and depend on each other in order for pupils to become confident in reading and writing. 

  • Speaking and listening

  • Phonics

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Handwriting


Speaking and listening activities are planned in throughout the school day in all areas of the curriculum. Drama is used as a tool to develop the children’s listening and communication skills and as a stimulus for writing activities. There is always an emphasis on expressing opinion and thinking about the feelings and views of others.

Phonics is taught daily across the school and is based on the ‘Letter’s and Sounds’ programme. Pupils are assessed regularly to ensure they are making progress in order to support their reading and spelling development.

Spelling is a complex skill and we aim to support the children in using their phonics to spell common patterned words and strategies to spell irregular and high frequency words correctly.  We are explicitly teaching the spelling rules and patterns for children to apply in their writing.


Grammar is taught explicitly and the children are learning the technical terms alongside activities to practise and refine their knowledge and skills.

Handwriting  is taught daily.  It needs to become a natural and implicit activity so children can concentrate on the content and structure of their writing. Pupils are given support with their fine motor development if they are having difficulties with handwriting.

As a school we are continually assessing pupils progress in all aspects of English and provide support and additional provision for children who are not keeping up with the age related expectation and children who are achieving higher than age related expectation are provided with enrichment opportunities.




Year Group Text Overviews 2020-2021