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Science at Manor Field Infant School


Science is a body of knowledge built up through experimental testing of ideas. Science at Manor Field Infant School stimulates and excites children’s curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them. Science links practical experience with ideas. It develops children’s observational, investigative and communication skills through first-hand experience and secondary sources such as books, charts, DVDs and ICT. Science prepares our children for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world. It fosters concern about, and active care for, our environment and helps our children acquire a growing understanding of scientific ideas. Science helps develop and extend our children’s scientific concept of their world and lays the foundation for healthy lifestyles and awareness of our bodies. We value science as a vehicle for the development of language skills, and we encourage our children to talk constructively about their science experiences.


Policy, Curriculum Provision and Skills Progression

                            2020 - 2021
In Year 2 we explored materials and completed an experiment to find out which material would be needed to make a lifeboat for the Titanic.  We discovered that materials which are waterproof and non absorbent are the most effective for a lifeboat. 
                            2019 - 2020

Knowledge and Understanding of the World - Foundation Stage


In Foundation Stage the children have been exploring dinosaurs in the project 'Do you think they saurus?  They helped to hatch a dinosaur egg looking at the changes using a magnifying glass.  The children have been using their senses to explore and have been encouraged to ask questions about why things happen.  



Year 2 - Materials


In Year 2 we are looking at everyday materials and explore their weight, size, shape and water absorption and how forces affect how things move.   The children had to decide which material would be best to build a lifeboat.  Do the materials float or sink?  Why is it important for a lifeboat to float?


The children worked in groups exploring the materials and testing them to discover if they would sink or float.  They then recorded their findings.




Longitudinal Studies


Year 1


In Year 1 we are looking at how trees change throughout the year.  We will be comparing the differences and changes and describing the effects that are taking place over time.  We have chosen a tree in the school grounds and we will study the changes that have occurred each half term


As a class we drew a picture of the Autumn tree and make a class book for our reading area. 









Year 1 Longitudinal study - Autumn

Year 1 Longitudinal Study - Winter

Year 2 Longitudinal Study


In Year 2 we are looking at how our local environment can be a good habitat for minibeasts.  We will record our findings using a tally chart and re visit the local environment each half term.  We have made a class book with photographs and will compare similarities and differences throughout the year.   

Some useful websites


These websites have some interactive games and videos to explore with your children.