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Wk Beg 27.4.20

Please continue to look on the main page of the Year 1 activities as we would like you to continue with:


5 x a week and writing in your child's green reading record book.

Spelling Frame (ee/ea words), Oxford Owl, Phonics Play and Numbots

All of the usernames and passwords can be found on the main Year 1 page or in your child's bookbag.

Phonics and High Frequency Words

Please watch the youtube clips and short videos on the main Year 1 page.



For Maths, we would like you to try the daily Maths Home Learning Lessons and Activities on the White Rose Learning Hub.

Please start at ‘Week 1’ (NOT Summer Week 1), complete one lesson and activity per day, and record your learning in your yellow books.  The lessons for this week are:

Lesson 1: Introduce weight and mass

Lesson 2: Measure mass

Lesson 3: Compare mass

Lesson 4: Introduce capacity and volume

Lesson 5: Measure capacity


Please click on the link below to access Week 1.



Daily Activities

Monday - Literacy


Draw a scene from the story and describe it using story language. Please upload a photo of your work to Class Dojo. You can use the word mat below to help you.

Tuesday - Literacy

If you were on the rock with the snail, what would you tell the snail to do?

Do you think he should stay on the rock with you? Why?

Or do you think he should go off on an adventure with the whale? Why?


Miss Thompson said, "I think I would tell the snail to stay on the rock with me so I don't get lonely."


Miss Peckett said, "I would tell the snail to go on an adventure with the whale, because adventures are fun!"


Write what you would tell the snail to do and why in your yellow books and upload a picture of your writing onto Class Dojo. Don't forget to write in full sentences!

Wednesday - Geography

Can you find out some facts about one of the world's oceans. What's the largest ocean? What's the smallest ocean? How big are they? What animals live there? What are the nearby countries? Why are oceans important? Use the map below to help you.  Please upload a video of yourself reading out your facts onto Class Dojo.

Thursday - Science


Above are pictures of a hedgehog, a lion and a panda.  What do they eat?


A herbivore is an animal that only eats plants.

A carnivore is an animal that only eats meat.

An omnivore is an animal that eats plants and meat.  


Which animal is a herbivore?  Which animal is a carnivore?  Which animal is an omnivore?

Please upload a photo of your work on Class Dojo.

Friday - Science

Minibeast Hunt

Can you go for a minibeast hunt in your garden or when you are going for a walk with your family?  Draw a picture of what you have found or write a list.  Please upload a photo of your minibeast hunt on Class Dojo.