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Wk Beg 15.6.20

Please continue to look on the main page of the Year 1 activities as we would like you to continue with:


5 x a week and writing in your child's green reading record book.

Spelling Frame (ou words), Oxford Owl, Phonics Play and Numbots

All of the usernames and passwords can be found on the main Year 1 page or in your child's bookbag.

Phonics and High Frequency Words

Please watch the youtube clips and short videos on the main Year 1 page.


There are some good quality phonics lessons that you may like to look at with your child. Each lesson will be uploaded every day at 10:30am.

The link is


For Maths, we would like you to try the daily Maths Home Learning Lessons and Activities on the White Rose Learning Hub.

Please start at Summer Term ‘Week 5’, complete one lesson and activity per day, and record your learning in your yellow books.  The lessons for this week are:

Lesson 1: Compare length and height

Lesson 2: Measure length (1)

Lesson 3: Measure length (2)

Lesson 4: Introduce weight and mass

Lesson 5: Friday Maths Challenge


Please click on the link below to access Summer Term Week 5.


The book we are focussing on this week is "Oliver's Vegetables" by Vivian French. You can listen to the story here:


Monday - Listen and Respond


Listen to the whole story together. Can you make a list of all the vegetables that Oliver discovers in Grandpa's garden? We would then like you to draw a picture of Grandpa's garden and label the different vegetables. You can use the picture above to help you.


Upload a photo of your work onto Class Dojo.


Tuesday - Describing the Vegetables


Using the table above, can you choose the adjective (describing word) that best describes each vegetable, e.g. The crunchy carrot. This is called a noun phrase (an object that is being described). Can you challenge yourself further by using two adjectives? E.g. The leafy, green spinach. Don't forget to use a comma in between each adjective! 


Once you have done this for all three vegetables, can you write your own noun phrase to describe a different vegetable? Upload a photo of your work onto Class Dojo.


Wednesday - Matching Vegetables


Listen to the story again. Write a list of the days of the week. Can you match each vegetable that Oliver finds to the correct day of the week? Don't forget your capital letters for the days of the week! Once you have matched the vegetables, turn your list into full sentences, e.g:


On Monday, Oliver found carrots.

On Tuesday, Oliver found....

On Wednesday, Oliver found........ etc.


Upload of yourself reading out your sentences onto Class Dojo.


Thursday - Synonyms


A synonym is a word that means exactly the same as another word, e.g. shut is a synonym for close, rest is a synonym for relax, etc. 


There is a picture above of different synonyms for the word 'ate'. Can you think of any more synonyms for 'ate'? Using the picture above, can you put the synonyms into a sentence? Upload a photo of your work onto Class Dojo.



Oliver devoured the leafy spinach quickly.

Oliver swallowed the crunchy carrot.


Friday - Writing Oliver's Diary


To round up your learning for the week, we would like you to pretend you are Oliver and write a diary of Oliver's week. Which vegetables did he eat each day? What adjectives or synonyms could you use? Upload a photo of your work onto Class Dojo.



On Monday I guzzled the crunchy carrot.

On Tuesday I devoured the leafy spinach.

On Wednesday I munched the tasty rhubarb.