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Wk Beg 13.7.20

Please continue to look on the main page of the Year 1 activities as we would like you to continue with:


5 x a week and writing in your child's green reading record book.

Spelling Frame (ie words), Oxford Owl, Phonics Play and Numbots

All of the usernames and passwords can be found on the main Year 1 page or in your child's bookbag.

Phonics and High Frequency Words

You can watch the short videos on the main Year 1 page or these can also be found on Class Story on Class Dojo.  This week we will be recapping all the sounds using phonics play.


For Maths, we would like you to try the daily Maths Home Learning Lessons and Activities on the White Rose Learning Hub.

Please start at Summer Term ‘Week 9’, complete one lesson and activity per day, and record your learning in your yellow books.  The lessons for this week are:

Lesson 1: Counting to 100

Lesson 2: Partitioning numbers

Lesson 3: Comparing numbers

Lesson 4: Comparing numbers (2)

Lesson 5: Friday Maths Challenge

The video is on the website and the activity sheet is uploaded onto Class Story each day.


Please click on the link below to access Summer Term Week 9.


The book we are looking at this week is "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson. You can watch and listen to the story here.


Monday - Puppet Making



Watch and listen to the story on YouTube by clicking on the link above. Draw and cut out pictures of the characters and attach them to lolly sticks/straws/pencils to use as ‘puppets’ to retell the story. 


Upload a video of yourself retelling your favourite part of the story with your puppets onto Class Dojo.


Tuesday - Labelling



Draw and label a picture of The Gruffalo using what you know from the text, e.g. orange eyes, black tongue, etc.


For an extra challenge, see if you can create your own descriptions of The Gruffalo, e.g. gigantic beast, soft fur, booming growl, rumbling belly, etc.


Upload a photo of your work onto Class Dojo.


Wednesday - Speech Bubbles


Listen to the story again to remind yourself of where the animals live. Draw a picture of each animal and write a speech bubble for each one to say where they live. Upload a picture of your work onto Class Dojo.


Thursday - Practice and Play

Write some descriptive sentences about The Gruffalo, using the word ‘and’ to join your ideas, eg The Gruffalo has orange eyes and a poisonous wart.


Challenge:  Can you apply the singular possessive apostrophe to show belonging in your descriptions eg
The Gruffalo’s tongue is black.
The Gruffalo’s eyes are orange.

The Gruffalo’s tail is long.


How many descriptive sentences can they write about The Gruffalo?

Please upload a photo onto Class Dojo. 


Friday - Writing Challenge 


Imagine The Gruffalo is on the run near your house! There have been several sightings but you need to help the people where you live to find and catch him!

Write a description of him so that he can be easily spotted and identified.

Use your character description as a wanted poster.

Don’t forget to include all the vocabulary and adjectives you have been exploring this week and a detailed drawing.  Please upload a photo onto Class Dojo.