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Easter Eggs and Teddies donated by Spotlight Charity


We were kindly donated 20 Easter eggs and teddies from Spotlight Charity in Basingstoke.  These have been given to children who have consistently showed the STAR values this half term.


Visit from Reverend Bennett
Rev Bennett read us a story about the Christmas Nativity. 

Whole School Song


For an exciting project as an entire school, Foundation Stage, Year One and Year Two, including staff, we learnt the song ‘Reach for the Stars’.

Video Montage

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Collective worship and Open the Book Assemblies 

Whole School learning Day - Collaborative Writing -  January 2020 (It was also Mad Hair Day)


In Year 2 they looked at tongue twisters  - Peter Piper, She sells seashells on the seashore, The Swan and Betty Botter.  Once they had listened to the tongue twister they had the opportunity to write their own and perform them to the class.  The challenge was to create a tongue twister with all the words starting with the same sound.  

Firefly Class

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Firefly Class

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Year 1 focused on the story, Whatever Wanda Wanted, they created their own 'Wanted' posters because Wanda went missing after visiting the kite shop.  They wrote postcards from Wanda after she became marooned on a desert island with a whale. 

Wanted Posters

Postcard Writing

Postcard Pictures

Afro Samba Dance Group


On Monday 16th December an Afro Samba band came into school and performed some traditional Afrosamba songs and rhythms to the school, some of the children had the opportunity to conduct the band and the school.  We learnt new songs, dance movements and joined in throughout the workshop.

Whole School Learning Day - Wellbeing November 2019


The focus for the learning day was Wellbeing.  In Caterpillar Class the children were exploring and making their own calming music using a range of percussion instruments.  In Ladybird Class the children were exploring gratitude and discussing as a class what they are grateful for everyday and on special occasions.  In Butterfly class the children were experiencing quiet and calmness both indoors and out and drawing their representations on paper.  In Bumblebee Class the children were exploring meditation, the children were experiencing being and feeling calm and practising different breathing techniques.  In Dragonfly Class the children were exploring kindness.  How are we kind?  What does kindness look like?  How do we feel when we are kind to others?  How do we feel when others are kind to us?  In Firefly Class the children were exploring the 'worries bucket' concept and the children discussed the strategies they could use to feel calm and let some worries out.

Whole School Learning Day- Problem Solving February 2019


The focus for the learning day was problem solving. We encounter problems on a daily basis at work or at home; some of these problems are obviously more complex than others, but it is second nature to us to resolve these issues and move forwards.

However, for a child this is an important life skill they will need to develop if they are to go on to have a bright future, where they are able to make healthy decisions for themselves.

If a child is able to solve problems on their own, they will be happier, more confident and more independent; they will not feel frustrated or disheartened in their inefficiency; therefore it is important we begin teaching children problem solving skills from an early age.

Merv Rees- Pupil recognition award


We would like to thank Merv Rees a Consultant Surgeon who made a personal donation to our Foundation Stage outdoor environment.  This was greatly received and provided us with funds to improve the outdoor environment after it was vandalised by local teenagers.


We invited him into school to present a star trophy for the child who has made the most significant effort.  Congratulations Logan in Butterfly Class!



For more information about the work of Merv Rees, please follow the link below.