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Weekly Learning

Weekly Learning - Week beginning 6th April

Along with the daily activities (reading, numeracy etc.) we've asked you to maintain, here are the activities to keep you busy during the first week of the Easter holidays. We have separated them into days so you have something to do every day, and we have also given you some ideas for Easter-themed activities to do over the Easter weekend! 



We would love you to sketch or paint a picture of a dragon. Use books/the internet to explore what dragons look like (there are many different types!) and think about the texture of their scales, size, colour, and even the background that they are going to be in. Are they flying? In a cave? Sleeping in the woods? Is your dragon breathing flames?

When you have got an idea for your dragon you could make a practice sketch first, before drawing the real thing



Use the picture you drew yesterday as inspiration to write an adventure story about a dragon. What types of adventures do dragons have? What characters typically appear in dragon-based stories?

Remember story-mountains - introduce your characters and setting, present an event or problem, solve the problem and then end your story. Think about how you could make your story as exciting and interesting as possible. 



Maths Word Problems. Write some word problems using all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and based on our topic for a friend to solve. Make sure you know the answers. A couple of examples are below:

1. The Queen had 12 cakes and the King ate 9. How many cakes did she have left?  Subtraction

2. An archer had bags of 10 arrows. If the archer had 8 bags, how many arrows did he have altogether?  Multiplication



LEGO Challenge. Choose from 1 of the following 4 options. Follow the instructions and let your imaginations run wild. If you want to do more than 1...that's ok!

1. Your adult wants to build a new home. They want you to design and build it!

2. You and 4 friends are stranded on a desert island. Build a boat to find a way home.

3. NASA needs you to build a new, state-of-the-art rocket. Are you up to the challenge?

4. You have been hired by an amusement park to design and build a new rollercoaster.


Good Friday and Easter Weekend

Rather than giving you specific activities, here are some ideas - please don't feel limited by these!

Easter Handprint Cards, Toilet Roll Easter Bunny, Cornflake Easter Nests





Weekly Learning- Week beginning 30th March


Literacy- Following on from our history learning about monarchs can you use the websites below to research a famous British monarch? Can you find out interesting facts about them writing in full sentences? Use these questions to help you to guide your fact-finding.

  • How old were they when they became king/ queen?
  • How long did they reign the throne for?
  • Were they ever married?
  • Why are they a famous king/ queen?
  • How old were they when they died? 





Maths- Practice telling the time throughout the week.  Remember to tell the time using the vocabulary o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Below are websites to help you with practising telling the time.





Below is a link to the game ‘Stop the Clock’ which is a 2 player game. This game will help your fluency in telling the time.



Art/DT- Using the recyclable resources you have collected the following week and your design can you make your own model castle?

EXT- Alongside your model castle, can you make a model out of lego?


Life skills- Can you go on a walk and observe how many different birds you see? E.g. blackbirds, pigeons, magpies etc. Record and draw what you see in your red book. Use this website to help you to identify a bird.


Weekly Learning- Week beginning 23rd March


Literacy - Begin and maintain a diary for your time during school closure. Use your red book and make an entry every 2-3 days, recording the most interesting activities you have been doing and your thoughts and feelings during this time of social distancing. An example from Mr Creagh-Barry's weekend is below:

Sunday March 22nd 2020: On Saturday I started a new project, taking advantage of the fact I won't be in school on Monday (super weird!). Step one was to buy the paint I needed so I visited Homebase and stocked up on a snazzy blue colour. Then I began painting! By the evening I was exhausted so I relaxed with a film and a Chinese take-away - sweet and sour pork for me! My Sunday was very bizarre because I couldn't go and visit my mum for Mothers' Day like I usually would. Instead I phoned her before going out into the garden and enjoying the sunshine. The warmth of the sun made me feel elated that spring is here - the sun is definitely out to play now!


Maths - Login onto to https://ttrockstars.com/. Practice your 10 times tables by playing some games and see how many coins you can collect!

Also login onto https://play.numbots.com/#/account/school-login-type make a robot by practicing your number facts.  


Art/DT - Next week we will be asking you to create a castle from recyclable materials. This week we are asking you to do 2 things: 1 - Design your castle structure (draw it and decide what resources you will need for different parts) and; 2 - Begin to collect recyclable materials ready for further instructions next Monday!


Life-skills - Find, resource and follow a recipe for a cake of your choice. Have a go at measuring the ingredients yourself. Ask an adult to help you and have them take photos to share later on.

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