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Week 6- 01.06.20

This week our tasks will be focused on the traditional tale 'Little Red Riding Hood'

Little Red Riding Hood

Wolf Facts

Activity 1    

Can you play a game of 'What's the time Mr Wolf?'

How to play 'What's the time Mr Wolf?

Activity 2

Draw or paint a wolf and add key words to describe the wolf.

Below we have added some words for you, you can think of your adjectives to describe the wolf.

scary, fierce, kind, wise, clever, cunning, mysterious, brown, hunter, hungry, grey, old, huge, tame, lonely, greedy and enormous.

Activity 3

Can you learn and perform the Wolf songs from BBC Bitesize.

Song 1 - I Love Red

Song 2 - Wolfie Blues

Song 3 - Let's make a cake for Grandma