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Week 5 - 18.05.20

Wednesday Writing Challenge - Week 5 wb 18.05.20


Have a listen to the story to find out about the journey the Gingerbread Man on goes on. 

The Gingerbread Man -

Once you have listened to the story and are familiar with it, you can begin the writing challenge. The writing challenge involves writing a sentence or key words that a character may say in the story.


We have provided two documents.

1. The first document includes two characters: the Old Lady and the Gingerbread Man. Can you write a sentence or some key words that the characters may say in the story?



2. The second document has blank spaces for you to draw your own characters and then write what they may say.

How many characters will you do?

What will they say?

If you are unable to print out these documents please feel free use your yellow books to draw you characters, speech bubble and write what they say.



Can you create a wanted poster for the Gingerbread Man? Remember a poster has to be colourful and have key words to interest people.