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W/B 20.04.20

Weekly Learning 20th April

To keep you busy and to ensure you are all continuing to learn ready for when we do return to school, Mrs Martin and Mr Creagh-Barry would like you to have a go at the learning outlined below.


Daily Maths

For Maths, we would like you to try the daily Maths Home Learning Lessons and Activities on the White Rose Learning Hub.

Start at ‘Week 1’ (NOT Summer Week 1!), complete one lesson and activity per day, and record your learning in your red learning journals.

If you can print the learning activities out, then please do, if you can’t, then just do your best through discussions with adults and notes in your red learning journal.

The link for the learning is below:


In addition to this, and your other Daily Learning, we have some other challenges to keep you busy:


Monday and Tuesday: Research a British castle of your choice and then design and create a leaflet to inform a visitor to that castle. Some key vocabulary and examples are shown below. A leaflet should be interesting to look at and read, have short, snappy sentences that give useful facts and include some eye-catching pictures. Share these with us on Twitter!


Key vocabulary: Castle, rampart, portcullis, keep, drawbridge, moat, dungeon, palace, knight, fort, gatehouse.


Examples of leaflets:



Wednesday: Use your artistic skills to design a new front cover for our class story Igraine the Brave. Share them with us on Twitter


Thursday: While out for a walk or in your garden, go on a bug hunt. Record the bugs you see (names), the number of legs, wings, their colouring etc. We are going to use all of this information to classify the insects next week.


Friday: As an on-going, weekly challenge, we would like you to start learning another language. Mrs Martin and Mr Creagh-Barry would like you to have a go at Spanish as we will continue this when we return to school.

See if you can count to 10 and say “Hello, my name is  _____” by the end of next week!

Here are some links to help you out! Have fun!