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W/B 04.05.20

Weekly Learning 4th May

Daily Maths

For Maths, we would like you to continue with the Maths Home Learning Lessons and Activities on the White Rose Learning Hub. This week start at 'Summer Week 1', and, as before, complete one lesson and activity per day, recording your learning in your red learning journals. The link for the learning is below:


In addition to this, and your other Daily Learning, we have some other challenges to keep you busy:


Monday / Tuesday

Your writing task this week is to write a character description of Igraine from Igraine the Brave (The topic book we started before Easter). This is slightly more complicated than prior learning. You will need to watch and respond to 3 pieces of media from the Oak National Academy/us – Do not try and do all this in one go (Try lesson 1 Monday and 2 and 3 on Tuesday). Do things in the following order:

  1. Features of a character description - Follow this lesson from 5mins 10 seconds to the end (it has places to pause):   -   it might be an idea to note down the key features for the subsequent lesson.
  2. Expanded noun phrases – Follow this lesson from 4mins 50secs to 13mins:   -  try and practise a few additional expanded noun phrases in full sentences. The children could try describing objects in the house or family members to practise.
  3. Writing a character description of Igraine. Listen to Chapter 1 of Igraine the Brave audio file (posted on Class Story). Write down a few adjectives to describe Igraine – the way she looks, her personality and the way she reacts to things. This will be very supportive when it comes to the writing. Then use the video from lesson one to support the children in writing their character description.We would advise trying not to do this all in one go as your child will in likelihood become tired and unfocused.  

Mr Creagh-Barry will be reading the rest of Igraine the Brave over the coming weeks so that we can finally finish it - stay tuned!



Today we would like you to try another collage. Using the pictures as inspiration, can you use household objects to create a collage of knight in armour – he could even be riding a horse!



For grammar, we would like you to try the activities and learning on BBC Bitesize. This week, we would like you to learn how to use the suffix –ly to turn an adjective into an adverb. Watch the video and play the games using this link:

After you have completed the activities online please can you look at the powerpoint provided on ClassDojo. Follow the powerpoint and record the writing tasks in your red journal.



To continue our weekly language learning, we would like you to build on your counting by learning the alphabet AND learning how to introduce yourself to others. These are bother VERY important skills!

Use the links from the Oak National Academy:

Record a video of yourself reciting the alphabet and introducing yourself in Spanish. ¡Buena suerte!