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Summer 1: Our Food, Our World

Our Food, Our World...


Where does our food come from? 

The children will explore the themes of food in different cultures, healthy eating and plant growth and structure. We will answer the key question in two ways: 1 - learning where in the world our food comes from; and 2 - learning how our food is produced before it gets to the supermarket.

The children will plant their own seeds and observe them in Science, discussing what the plants need to grow and how to care for them. Food/plants will be used to print patterns and create instruments that will develop the idea of exploring food and culture of the world.

In English we will use the Vivian French story 'Oliver's Vegetables' and Joseph Coelho's poem 'A Little Bit of Food' as key text drivers to introduce vegetables and foods of the world.

Weekly update: Week beginning 26.04.2021


This week we introduced our primary poetry text, 'A Little Bit of Food' by Joseph Coelho.

The children enjoyed unpicking what makes a strong poetry performance before performing Coelho's poem in groups.

They then started generating ideas for their own food-based poems along the same structure, which will be written and performed next week. We are all very excited and looking forward to the completed poems!


In Science the children also learnt about what plants need to survive, using this useful mnemonic: LAWNS (






We have set up an experiment using pansies to determine what environment suits the plants best: water&light, water&dark, no water&light and finally no water&dark.

We will see what happens over the coming weeks!

Joseph Coelho - Little bit of food

Joseph Coelho reading his poem 'Little bit of food' from his CLiPPA 2015 shortlisted book Werewolf Club Rules.
Year 1 will be exploring, and performing this poem, before using it as the text driver for writing their own poems about food!

Oliver's Vegetables

What happens to Oliver when he visits his grandfather's vegetable garden?
Learn about vegetables and where they grow. Which vegetables do you like to eat?