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Summer 1: Castle Quest


 Whilst out in the school grounds looking for plants and flowers, the children stumbled across a an areas coned off. We all went to investigate. Low and behold, we found a dragon's nest with a shiny gold dragon's egg - the children thought maybe it was dropped by the dragon as it flew over looking for a safe place to hide its nest. Some children believed that it must have fallen from the tall trees in the school grounds. We took it safely back to class to see if the egg hatches!. Next to the egg were some some dragon eyes, we thought maybe a dragon had got into a fight with a bigger dragon. There were so many questions we wanted answers for!

Art and DT:


The children have been busy making their own dragon eyes using clay. They molded the clay into the shape they wanted and them used a glass dragon eye and built up around the eye with clay using their clay tools and fingers. These are fabulous and we can't wait to see them painted!




In DT, the children have been investigating what type of materials they could use to make a bridge.

Firefly class designed a drawbridge to keep the enemy out using a pulley system and Dragonfly class made bridges and tested which ones would take the weight of a toy car.

The children were great inventors and enjoyed working as a team to design and  build their bridges.

Home learning 

The children have been busy at home creating a castle themed board game to play. It could be based on an old favourite like snakes and ladders or ludo.

The children had immense fun sharing and playing their games with their friends.