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Spring 2: Laslo's Lightbulb


The children were led into a darkened room, which was only lit by candles and reflective materials.

The children discussed how they felt in the dark room, and what it made them think off. They came up with some fabulous emotive language which led to discussions on how they dark made each of them feel. Also, times in their life where the dark has played an important part in how they were once scared of the dark and now they are not.

Design and Technology:

In DT, the children made shadow puppets and were tasked to find the best way of creating a puppet show using different light sources. They found the natural sun light and the class blinds made a perfect background for their puppet show.

Home Learning:

The children were challenged with making a glow lamp for their home learning using a jar and battery light or fluorescent paint. They created fantastic light jars which they were keen to share how they made them and what they would use them for at home.