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Igraine the Brave

As part of our Castle Quest topic, we were reading the story Igraine the Brave. Unfortunately, due to the on-going lockdown, we did not have a chance to finish the story in school. To solve that problem we have decided to make readings of each chapter and upload them here. Enjoy!

Chapter One: The Castle in the Wood

Chapter Two: Water Snakes and Fencing Practice

Chapter Three: An Unexpected Visitor

Chapter Four: Bad News

Chapter Five: A Little Magic Mistake

Chapter Six: Birthday Breakfast On The Carpet

Chapter Seven: Osmund the Greedy

Chapter Eight: Igraine's Plan

Chapter Nine: At Darkrock Castle

Chapter Ten: A Friend In The Dungeon Of Despair

Chapter Eleven: Escape From Darkrock

Chapter Twelve: The Giant Garleff

Chapter Thirteen: The Sorrowful Knight

Chapter Fourteen: The Rules of Chivalry

Chapter Fifteen: The One-Eyed Duke

Chapter Sixteen: The Castle Under Siege