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Weekly Learning- W/B 18th May 

Daily Maths

For Maths, we would like you to continue with the Maths Home Learning Lessons and Activities on the White Rose Learning Hub. This week start at 'Summer Week 4' (Week beginning 11th May), and, as before, complete one lesson and activity per day, recording your learning in your red learning journals. The activity sheets will be uploaded daily onto the Classdojo class story. The link for the videos is below:


In addition to this, and your other Daily Learning, we have some other challenges to keep you busy


Monday / Tuesday/ Wednesday  

Your writing task this week is to write a riddle about a castle related object/ person. This could be about a crown, shield, knight, helmet etc. This is slightly more complicated than prior learning. You need to read and respond to the different PDF presentations and follow the instructions given– Do not try and do all this in one go (Try lesson 1 Monday, 2 on Tuesday and 3 on Wednesday). Do things in the following order:

Monday- Lesson 1

  • Read the riddle on slide one – can you guess what the animal/ object is.  Answer on slide 2.
  • Read the next riddle on slide 4. Discuss with an adult what words/phrases give us clues about the identity of the animal/object? Do the clues get easier as you go further down the riddle? Answer on slide 5.
  • If I show you another riddle, how would you solve it using what we have just discussed? Look for words/phrases that describe the animal/object
  • Can you identify the different features of a riddle on slide 6? Discuss with an adult and label.
  • Slide 7- Look at the different features of a riddle (clues, adjectives/noun phrases that describe the animal, title, present tense, question).
  • Slide 8- Think of an animal. You MUST NOT tell anyone – it’s a secret! Think of 5-8 clues that will help another person guess what animal it is.
  • Slides 9-10- .Using the clues can the other person guess what animal you thought of?

Tuesday- Lesson 2

  • Slide 1- Using the learning from the previous lesson about riddles, you will be learning to write castle-themed riddles!
  • Slide 2/ 3-What castle related objects/ person could you write a riddle about? Can you record many different ideas? E.g. crown, shield, knight, helmet etc.
  • Slide 4- Pick one of the castle themed objects and think how could you describe each object/ person. Brainstorm as many adjectives/ expanded noun phrases about the object e.g. for a crown (sparkly jewels).
  • Slide 5- Using your ideas can you plan your riddle? What is your object? Can you describe it without saying what it is?
  • Slide 5-6 Think of at least 6 clues without telling us the name of the object and write them down. Try to think what clues would come first, and which come later?


Wednesday- Lesson 3

  • Slides 2-3- Remind yourselves of the different features of riddles.
  • Slide 4- Using you vocabulary/ clues from the previous lesson can you write your riddle?
  • Slide 5- Remember you are trying to trick the reader and give them a series of clues to guess your object so think about the order.
  • Mrs Martin and Mr Creagh-Barry are looking forward to reading your riddles on Classdojo and trying to guess what the castle related object/ person is.



Activity 1:

We would love you to have some fun and create some potato printing with paints. You could use your potato to make pictures or create patterns. Be creative as you wish. Use the pictures below to help you. We look forward to seeing your creations!




Activity 2:

Please complete the comprehension activity uploaded to Class Story. The reading comprehension will be about ‘Badgers’ and it will be clearly labelled which activity is appropriate for your child depending on the book band they are currently reading. Write the answers in full sentences into your red journal then take a photo and upload it.



For geography you will be learning about the 7 continents of the world. Watch this video on Youtube to learn about the different continents  and different facts about them.

Re-watch video again. This time can you make any notes about any information about the different continents? Using the facts, you have learnt can you produce a fact-file about the 7 continents of the world OR video yourself sharing different facts about the continents?  

After play the game to test your knowledge about the 7 different continents of the world.



As an on-going, weekly challenge, we would like you to continue with your learning of Spanish. Hopefully you have been learning to count from 1-10, learning the alphabet, introduce yourself and say how old you are in Spanish. To challenge you further we would like you to learn the days of the week and months of the year in Spanish. Both very important skills. 

Use the links from the Oak National Academy:

Record a video of yourself learning the days and months of the year in Spanish.