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Weekly Learning- W/B 15th June 

Daily Maths

For Maths, we would like you to continue with the Maths Home Learning Lessons and Activities on the White Rose Learning Hub. This week start at 'Summer Week 8' (Week beginning 15th June), and, as before, complete one lesson and activity per day, recording your learning in your red learning journals. The activity sheets will be uploaded daily onto the Classdojo class story. The link for the videos is below:


In addition to this, and your other Daily Learning, we have some other challenges to keep you busy.


Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday

Your project this week is to build your own bug hotel to put into your garden or an outdoor space. As this is a bigger task this week, we anticipate this learning to take a few days to complete.  Please do not try to complete it all in one day. Please follow the instructions below to guide you.


  1. In this lesson, we would like you to design your bug hotel. What will you bug hotel look like? What resources will you use? You can use a range of resources such as logs, leaves and straw. Use the websites below to help you and the images provided to help with your design. Once you have designed your bug hotel, collect any resources you need and upload a picture of your design onto Classdojo.


Tuesday/ Wednesday

On these constructive days, we would like you to start making your bug hotel. Use your design to help guide you. With the making of some parts, you may need an adult to help you. Once complete upload a photo onto Classdojo of your marvellous bug hotel and wait for the bugs to enter. Mrs Martin and Mr Creagh-Barry are looking forward to seeing your creations.



Monday Activity 3

Please complete the comprehension activity ‘Micro Habitats’ uploaded onto Class Story. Write the answers in full sentences into your red journal then take a photo and upload it. As this is a longer comprehension task you may wish to complete this over a couple of days.




For Art this week we would like to have the choice of what learning you would like to complete. There will be three different activities to choose from and you MUST choose at least one. If you wish, you can complete more than one if you are feeling very creative this week. We are looking forward to seeing your creations!

Choose from the following options:


Activity 1

Go on a walk/ explore outdoors and find large stone or a small rock. Using paint, can you turn the pebble/ rock into a minibeast of your choice? Use the images to help to inspire you.


Activity 2

Using clay/ playdoh can you make a minibeast? If you use clay, can you paint your minibeast model? Use the images to help you.


Activity 3

Using a paper plate and different colouring resources can you make your own minibeast? Use the images to help you.




Activity 1

Today we would love you to explore a range of different microhabitats (bushes/trees, pond, rotting wood, (log/bench), leaf litter, grass).  Before you explore different microhabitats, we would like you to learn about what a habitat/ microhabitat is and the different microhabitats you can find. Read the PowerPoint/ PDF provided on Classdojo to learn about these.

After you have read the PowerPoint/ PDF provided go and explore some different microhabitats. Using the table provided record the different minibeasts you find in the different microhabitat. Why do you think some minibeasts prefer to live in some places but not others? Think of the living conditions.



Literacy- Activity 2

For literacy this week we would like you to write a story from a minibeast’s perspective (I). Carefully look in your bug hotel to see if any minibeasts have made it their home. If not choose your own minibeast that could live in your bug hotel. This can be a ladybird, caterpillar, woodlice or beetle etc. Today we would like you to role-play being a minibeast living in your hotel. Use these questions to help getting into role:

-           What is it like to live there?

-           Where do you sleep?

-           What do you eat?

-           What do you hear?

-           What do you see?

-           What are you scared off? 

Either take a video of yourselves pretending to be the minibeast OR write down some responses to the questions. This will help with your story writing tomorrow.



Activity 1 – Scavenger hunt

Today we would like you to go on a scavenger hunt outdoors using your different senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste). Using the sheet provided, can you find a range of different objects using your five senses?


Literacy- Activity 2

Today we would like you to write a story from a minibeast’s perspective. Use your ideas from the previous lesson to help with your story writing and remember to write in first person (I) as you are pretending to be a minibeast. You could start your story like this this.


On a sunny day I was woken up by the thumping sound of footsteps and the log above me began to move!  I decided it was time to make my way from under the log and find some tasty food.  My favourite treat is rotting wood but I will have to venture out from the cosy hotel and look for this in the garden. Slowly, I walked out of the bug hotel and looked around to see what I could eat.


Activity 3


As an on-going, weekly challenge, we would like you to continue with your learning of Spanish. Hopefully you have been learning to count from 1-10, learning the alphabet, introducing yourself, saying how old you are in Spanish, have learnt the days and months of the year in Spanish, say how you feel in Spanish and the different colours in Spanish. To challenge you further we would like you to learn how to say what different pet names are in Spanish.  

Use the link from the Oak National Academy below and record a video of yourself saying what the different pet names are in Spanish.