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Weekly Learning 6th July

Daily Maths

For Maths, we would like you to continue with the Maths Home Learning Lessons and activities on the White Rose Learning Hub. This week start at 'Summer Week 11’ (Week beginning 6th July), and, as before, complete one lesson and activity per day, recording your learning in your red learning journals. The activity sheets will be uploaded daily onto the Classdojo class story.

The link for the learning is below:


In addition to this, and your other Daily Learning, we have some other challenges to keep you busy.


Daily Activity

We would like you to become a meteorologist and record the weather daily outside your house. Try to go outside daily at the same time to ensure your results are accurate. Use the table provided to record: kind of temperature (even better if you have a thermometer), rainfall and description of the weather.

You can upload your findings daily or upload a photo of your weekly findings onto Classdojo on the Friday.



Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday

Your writing task this week is to write a letter to your new teacher. Your new teacher could be Mrs Adam OR Miss Stephenson. If you do not know who it is, address your letter to both teachers.

In the letter, we would like you to introduce yourself writing about your name with surname, age, interests, family etc. Please follow the instructions given- Do not do this all in one go (Try lesson 1 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday and 3 on Wednesday). Do things in the following order:



  1. In this lesson, we would like you to start planning your letter, thinking of the things you would include introducing yourself to your new teacher.
  2. There is a planning format provided to help with the different things you may want to include. You can either use this format to help you to plan OR use the planning format to help you brainstorm your ideas.
  3. REMEMBER to try to provide as much information as possible as you have not had the opportunity to meet your new teacher. Your letter will give them a good insight to find out more about youJ!
  4. Can you think of a couple of questions you may wish to ask your new teacher that you can include in your letter? Note down any ideas.



  1. Today we would like you to complete a draft version of your letter.  
  2. Look at the PDF provided to help you with the layout of a letter and the different features you will need to include.
  3. Start your letter by addressing it to your class teacher OR class teachers and introduce yourself.
  4. REMEMBER this is a draft write so it does not matter if you make mistakes.



  1. In this lesson, we would like you to write your letter into neat. This will be the version you will send to your class teacher/ teachers so it needs to be your best work.
  2. Once you have completed your letter, you will need to take a photograph so you can upload it onto Classdojo and send a copy to the juniors.
  3. Please send it to the email with the subject ‘Year 3 transition letter’. 



Activity 1

Animal and Human survival

Today we would like you to build upon your scientific knowledge and learn about the basic things humans need to survive. Read the PDF provided to learn about all the basic things humans need to survive. After reading the PDF we would like you to make an eye catching poster. Use the planning format provided to brainstorm your ideas before you create your poster.




Reading Comprehension

Activity 2

Please complete the comprehension activity ‘Blackbirds’ uploaded onto Class Story. Write the answers in full sentences into your red journal then take a photo and upload it.  



Activity 1

To build upon your scientific knowledge of ‘life cycles’ we would like you to learn about the human life cycle. Read the powerpoint provided. After you have read the powerpoint about the human life cycle, are there any similarities or differences to the life cycles you learnt in the previous week? From what you have learnt about the human life cycle, can you create your own timeline about the different stages of the human life cycle?


Activity 2


As an on-going, weekly challenge, we would like you to continue with your learning of Spanish. Hopefully you have been learning to count from 1-10, learning the alphabet, introducing yourself, saying how old you are in Spanish, have learnt the days and months of the year in Spanish, say how you feel in Spanish, the different colours in Spanish, different pet names,  family member names in Spanish and describe your physical appearance in Spanish. To challenge you further we would like you to learn how to describe different family members in Spanish.

Use the link from the Oak National Academy below and complete the activity to go alongside the video.