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Transitions in school and from Pre School and to Junior School


Transition between Year Groups (Year R to 1, Year 1 to 2).

At Manor Field Infant School we all work together to ensure that the transition to the next year group is a smooth and enjoyable process.  To help with transition we keep children in the same classes throughout Infant school so they have already established firm friendships groups. During the summer term teachers will ensure the children are informed of new routines and are aware of the new expectations for the year group they are moving up to. 

Teacher meeting – teachers meet. to discuss the children as part of transfer.

Play times and lunch times – All children in the school interact at lunch times, giving them time to get to know other pupils and all the staff.

Teacher visits – All teachers will have the opportunity to visit the children in their own classes. This helps the teachers to see how the children work in a familiar setting and allows the children to familiarise themselves with their new class teacher.

Class swap sessions – The children visit their new teacher in their new classroom and environment.

Parent meeting – During an open afternoon in the summer term parents will have the opportunity to meet their child’s new teacher and to ask any questions or discuss any worries they may have.

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