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Welcome to Foundation Stage 2018-2019


Welcome to our Foundation Stage page dedicated to Caterpillar and Ladybird class. Throughout the year pictures and updates will be posted here as well as news and any useful links. If you have any suggestions for this page please leave any comments.


Miss Scarlett: Caterpillar Class Teacher

Mrs Sharp: Caterpillar teaching assistant


Miss McOmish: Ladybird Class Teacher

Mrs Holman: Ladybird teaching assistant

Mrs Miles: LSA 1:1

Mrs Hoban: LSA 1:1



Mrs Ingram: Speech and Language specialist

Welcome to our Foundation Stage Unit


Take a look at the pictures of our unit. 

 Long Term Planning 2018/2019

We had a special delivery on Monday 3rd December!


On Monday we received a phone call from the office to say that here was a special package for Ladybird and Caterpillar class. We sent two children down to go and collect the package.


They came back with a large parcel. It said fragile on the book and we discussed what this word meant. Miss Scarlett opened up the box to find two elves called Eric and Ernie. Inside the box was a letter along with chocolate coins.





Both classes have agreed to help Eric and Ernie to be good! I wonder if they will...



What has Ernie been up to in Ladybird class...

The children found stickers all over Miss McOmish's chair and found Ernie covered in them too!





We came into school to find Ernie cutting up paper to make a snowflake! He made a bit of mess!




Today we searched everywhere for Eric and Ernie and then spotted them being silly in the ceiling!




Eric and Ernie have been snowball fighting. I wonder who got hit the most with the snowballs?




Challenge Books and Song and Rhyme of the week


Each week we will be sending home weekly challenges for your child to complete. Some of these challenges may be linked to our project. Once your child has completed their challenge, please bring this back into school. If you wish you can upload a picture of your child completing their challenge onto Tapestry.


We will also be sending home a song and rhyme book. Each week we will send a new rhyme or song home for you to read/sing together with your child. If you wish you can upload a video of your child singing or reading the rhymes onto Tapestry. We would love to see them.


Thank you for your continued support.


Miss McOmish


Picture 1

Challenge 1 9.11.18

Challenge 2 15.11.18

Challenge 3 23.11.18

Challenge 4 - 30.11.18

Challenge 5 - 7.12.18

Song of the week 9.11.18

Rhyme of the week 15.11.18

Rhyme of the week 23.11.18

Rhyme of the week 30.11.18

Rhyme of the week -7.12.18

Handwriting homework 30.11.18

Handwriting Homework 7.12.18

Kids Song : The GoldiLocks song

Kids Song : The GoldiLocks song What will happen when Goldilocks enters the Three Bears' house? Find out in this fun, musical story. More Video: https://goo.gl/RJ6uzY Thanks For Watching Please Subscribe :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGZVT1eEyjRLmop9xqfWkXQ

Jack and Jill went up the Hill

Enjoy singing along to the words and lyrics of the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme. This old nursery rhyme is a traditional childrens song accompanied by simply beautiful music that will appeal to kids and adults of all ages.

Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall | NURSERY RHYME | RainbowRabbit | (Official Video)

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall

This Little Piggy | Nursery Rhymes | by LittleBabyBum!

This Little Piggy Nursery Rhyme

CBeebies: Something Special - I'm a Little Tea Pot - Nursery Rhyme

Sign and sing-a-long with Mr Tumble to I'm a Little Tea Pot. Visit CBeebies at http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies to find even more fun games and videos for your pre-schooler in a safe child friendly environment. CBeebies is dedicated to delighting and surprising its pre-school audience and it remains the UK's most watched and most loved channel for the under-sixes.

Autumn 2 - The Jolly Postman



The Jolly Postman Parent Sheet

A letter from the Jolly Postman


The Jolly Postman has been unwell and needs our help to deliver special letters to different characters.

First we delivered a special letter to The Three Bears. We read the letter and she invited Baby Bear to her party. We wrote party invitations to our friends and wrote a reply back to Goldilocks to say "I can come to the party."


The next letter we delivered was to a witch! She lives in a house made of sweets and gingerbread. I wonder which story this is from?

So far we have made green porridge and tried this. The children have been describing the porridge as tasting like apples, strawberries and even spider webs!


Trying Green Porridge!

Trying Green Porridge! 1
Trying Green Porridge! 2
Trying Green Porridge! 3
Trying Green Porridge! 4

Writing ingredients for witch tea!


During our literacy focus groups, we have been using our sound knowledge to write initial sounds. We have been thinking about what a witch might put in her green tea. The children have come up with some fantastic ideas! They were able to hear and recognise initial sounds of the things they would add to her tea.  Their imaginations have been great, including hair, slime, spiders, snotty noses and even a goat!


Our ingredients for witch tea!

Our ingredients for witch tea!  1

Who has been into our classrooms?

We received a letter from the Giant who lives at the top of a beanstalk in a huge castle!


He asked if we could write him a postcard just like the one The Jolly Postman delivered to him.

During our literacy sessions we have been describing the giant. The children have been using the sound knowledge to write the initial sounds they hear in words such as tall and big.  

Who left their shoe, wand and some material behind?

The children came in on Monday and found a sparkling shoe, wand and some material. We discussed who this could be. We found out that it was Cinderella.

She had sent us a dress that we could borrow for the week. The children have enjoyed writing letters to Cinderella telling her what she had left behind in our class. We also wrote to Cinderella asking her some questions and posted them in our post box.


When Cinderella gave us a dress for the week.

When Cinderella gave us a dress for the week.  1
When Cinderella gave us a dress for the week.  2
When Cinderella gave us a dress for the week.  3
When Cinderella gave us a dress for the week.  4

Autumn 1 Project - "Who are you? Twit Twoo"


We have all settled in now and have started our new project "Who are you? Twit Twoo..." This week we will be looking and discovering what nocturnal animals are before reading and looking at the text 'Owl Babies'

Owl Babies


We have had an exciting term looking at nocturnal animals and looking at the book Owl Babies.

We looked at different pictures from the text and asked lots of questions about the owlets and how they might be feeling and what is happening in the picture. The children came up with lots of ideas and learnt new words such as lonely and scared.

It has been a wonderful project and I hope the children have been talking about the project at home!






Book Talk

In Book Talk this week we have been exploring images from 'Owl Babies' as a class we have been answering and thinking about questions.


Looking  Who are they? Where are they?

Clue Image result for magnifying glassWhy are they so small? What time of day is it?

ThinkingImage result for cloud cartoon thinking  What other animals might be there? How might they be feeling?







Key vocabulary of the week










Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Week beginning 17th September 2018

We have had a brilliant week looking at hedgehogs and bats. We have learnt that these animals are nocturnal. Can you remember what nocturnal means? We discussed their habitats and what food they like to eat. The best part of this week was making hedgehog bread! The smell was delicious and tasted good too!


If you would like to make the hedgehog bread yourself at home, please see the recipe below.


Image result for arrow down

Owl Babies Animation



In phonics the children will be learning these sounds:

s   a   t   p  d  g  o  c  k  ck   u  h f  ff l ll ss j v w x yzz qu ch sh th


We will also be learning these tricky words:


    the  to  go  no   I   into  he  she  


Children will also be decoding and reading these keywords:


is  it   in   as  at

The children have been building the tricky words using magnetic letters and also spotting the tricky words in different sentences.


The man went to the shop.

It is hot in the sun.











Jolly Phonics songs to learn

Listen to the jolly phonics and encourage your child to join in!

How to pronounce the phonic sounds

The expectations in Foundation Stage

Reading with your child at home

Oxford Owls- online reading


Visit www.oxfordowl.co.uk

Click on 'My class login' in the top right hand corner


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